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$12/MO USD.


Join an online global community and take class from anywhere in the world – in real time and on demand.

$12/MO USD.

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Weekly live classes

Unlimited access to a digital library of recorded classes

30, 45 and 60 minute classes

Power Yoga

Inspirational Theming

Access from anywhere in the world

$12/MO USD.


Sunday Class


Never miss a Sunday. This is not just “another online yoga class.”

This 60 minute power yoga class is for all levels. This class was created to bring people together from all around the world. 

This class is great for you if you want to unplug from your daily grind and plug into an online global community while working your mind, body and spirit.

*Move your body for 60 minutes and you will create the space and strength to conquer your life!

Every Sunday from 11:00 – 12:00pm et

Power Yoga 30


In this 30 minute class we’ll flow at a pace of one(ish) breaths per pose.

This class is great for you if you have a busy schedule or just simply want the results of Power Yoga in half the time. This class is recommended for students with power yoga experience.

*Move your body for 30 minutes and you will feel stronger, healthier and more alive.

Every Tuesday & Friday at 9:00am et

Power Yoga 30 with Music


In this 30 minute class we’ll flow at a pace of one(ish) breaths per pose to a curated playlist. You will experience the magical union of your breath and body in sync with the beat.

This class is great for you if you have a busy schedule or just simply want the results of Power Yoga in half the time. This class is recommended for students with power yoga experience.

*Move your body for 30 minutes and you will feel stronger, healthier and more alive.

Every Thursday at 9:00am et

What members are saying

Garielle Nolt | Stone Harbor, NJ

I recently joined Leandra Antonutti’s online yoga community and I must share that it is the best $12 I’ve spent ever. Leandra is clearly a powerhouse teacher/leader and will leave you feeling awake and strong after her classes, and yet for me it’s her ability to authentically connect and land learnings for life in a way that feels real and sources me to really consider who/how I want to show up in the world.
$12 a month gets you access to zoom classes of different lengths to view whenever is convenient for you in addition to live zoom classes.
If you’re a yoga teacher you will gain great insights for ways to expand your teaching and impact for your students. If you’re a student you will gain strength, vitality, inspiration, and I don’t mean that in a cliche way but as actual results.
I’d pay $12 to participate just in one class let alone a whole library of classes to choose from at any time for just $12 a month.
I highly encourage you treat yourself to this, whether you currently practice in studio, are looking to level up your practice, or don’t feel comfortable practicing in studio and love the convenience of zoom classes— this is it!

Sophia Cheng | Shaker Heights, OH

If you want to attend truly high-quality on-line yoga classes, this is the place! Leandra’s clear and masterful cueing, use of visuals, and website sound quality are all top-notch. Her classes are empowering, inspiring, and fun!

Leandra’s creation of her on-line yoga website is one of the best examples of someone pivoting positively and creatively when the world changes suddenly.  Take her classes and she will encourage you to work towards your best self no matter where you are.  I am so grateful for this community!

Vicki Fiddler | Oakville, Ontario

“The world needs strong individuals who speak their truth so we can gain the much needed wisdom to acknowledge and accept our unique paths.“

I am so grateful that I get to grow my practice with one of these strong individuals – Leandra Antonutti.

Leandra is a powerful authentic leader and teacher both on and off her yoga mat. Whether she is leading a course, a zoom class or an intimate studio class, Leandra shows up as an authentic, compassionate and empowering yoga teacher.

Her technical knowledge is a testament to her commitment to challenge each of our individual bodies. She will challenge you, hold space for you and inspire you to be exactly where you need to be.

One of my favourite things about Leandra’s class is the energy and compassion that she puts to setting a mindful intention for each practice and how she guides us through exploring and growing that intention through the flow. She plants the seed for what is possible in my practice and in my life off my mat.

She sees people in the moment with faith and patience. Leandra models curiosity and growth in every practice as a new experience.

I am filled with gratitude for the conviction, grace and kindness that Leandra has awoken in my personal practice through her empower words and actions.

You owe it to yourself to experience and explore within a Leandra class.

Lisa Persaud | Toronto, Ontario

Leandra’s classes are the highlight of my day, whether it is live or from the digital library I can feel her energy radiate through the screen! I am so grateful to be a part of an online community that feeds my mind, body and soul! Leandra pushes me and my practice to it’s limits in the best way possible. I always know that when she says “stay with me”, something big is coming and I brace myself for a new challenge. Thank you Leandra for keeping me motivated, offering words of wisdom and for helping me reach my goal of practicing yoga every day!

Ashish Arora | Seattle, Washington

Leandra is one of the most wonderful people I know. She is honest and upfront. She shows up as who she is. And that is part of what makes her a wonderful teacher. If she’s feeling an emotion you’ll feel it. And more often than not, the emotion you feel is joy. Joy coming from her smile and her deep joy in enabling your power on your mat, and off of it. Joy from the community she appreciates and enables with her way of being. Joy from presence in this moment, because she is present with you 100% when you take her class.

Jennie Ray Hart | Richmond, Virginia

Leandra’s depth of knowledge of the Baptiste Methodology was clear to me at my 1st Baptiste Level 1 in 2018. She is a teacher I deeply admire and respect. When I asked for feedback on my teaching she gave me the full experience of a PhD in the Methodology. I was briefed before and debriefed after teaching. The written feedback that followed was information I will be able to use for months of homework. I’m already noticing a shift in my teaching and more importantly in the students! –

Erin Weiler | Los Angeles, CA

Leandra is a miracle-maker! She has changed my life and taken a stand for me in ways no one else has. Whatever you think you know about yoga…drop that! Yes, there is asana and physical movement and poses, but Leandra uses this as a tool to provide profound insights into your life and how you are showing up in the world. I’ve learned that how I show up on my mat is how I show up in life.

Leandra’s classes are fun and challenging, and always leave me lit up at the end. I love to flow with others from all over the world, and Leandra’s classes have been instrumental in creating a sense of community for me while in quarantine. I can’t wait to see you in class!

Breanne Russell | Kitchener, Ontario

I left Leandra’s 1:1 teaching mentorship as I’ve left every one of her classes; inspired, empowered and ready to play! From our very first conversation Leandra, was able to note elements of my teaching and way of being that I had not recognized in myself. I learned how to create a powerful experience for my students, not only through the physicalness of the foundations, but also by empowering each student to recognize something in themselves (as Leandra had done for me!). Through our sessions I have the tools, the techniques and the courage to take more risks in my teaching and remind myself that teaching is a practice too!

Jenna Ritter | York, Pennsylvania

Leandra’s classes will push you to your edge, and at the same time make you feel supported and cheered for.  She brings a specific focus to each class and I always learn something new, whether it’s about a pose or what I’m capable of.  Her instruction is specific and masterful.  Over the last few years of taking programs with Leandra, I have seen more and more of who she is each time, and what I admire most is that she’s not afraid to show up as 100% herself.  I’m so grateful to be able to connect with her in this digital format and to practice with yogis from all over the world!  My practice and my teaching have both grown immensely, and I attribute a large part of that to Leandra’s instruction.

Gaye Wolfson | East Sussex, England

Leandra is an exceptional teacher and communicator of Baptiste yoga.  She is always authentic , inspiring and creative in her teaching . What makes every class special is Leandra’s ability to create open and caring space. Even on zoom you always feel welcome , seen, challenged ( in a good way! ) and appreciated. Her love of yoga and teaching quite literally fizzes in the air and that is why any Workshop , class or training with Leandra will always be special.

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