How To Theme A Yoga Class

This online course will be delivered in two parts.

Part 1: How To Theme A Yoga Class
I will share with you 8 simple steps on how to effectively theme a yoga class. You will leave this session with an outline to deliver a theme in your very next class. 

Part 2: Finding Your Heart Chemistry As A Teacher
You will leave this session having explored the unique qualities and traits that only you possess to create meaningful impact in the classroom.


Note: The first 30 people to register for this course will receive two months of unlimited access to my online platform of yoga classes. If you currently have a membership, you can gift the two months to a person of your choice. 

The Heart Of The Practice

I’ve always been so clear that it’s not the foot placement in warrior one or the shape and alignment of any given pose that excites me as a teacher, it’s the opportunity to connect heart to heart, human to human. The opportunity to offer a gift (a theme) that not only moves peoples bodies but moves their hearts. When you as a teacher have the skill to move people in such a way with a theme that their life changes forever, that for me is what shifts the class experience from mundane to memorable.

I’ve created this online theming course as a way to share with you my techniques in delivering the heart of the practice. I hope you will join me.

Cost: $350 USD

Course Dates:

Cost: $350 USD

Option One

Part 1: Monday Nov. 8
6:00pm - 9:00pm EST

Part 2: Monday Nov. 15
6:00pm  - 9:00pm EST

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Option Two

Part 1:  Wednesday Nov. 10
12:00pm - 3:00pm EST 

Part 2:  Wednesday Nov. 17
12:00pm - 3:00pm EST

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Option Three

Part 1:  Saturday Nov. 13
11:00am - 2:00pm EST

Part 2:  Saturday Nov. 20
11:00am - 2:00pm EST

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What students are saying

Mary Lundstrom | Portland, OR

In my 10+ years of teaching yoga, I have taken many workshops and trainings to continue my education, improve my skills and grow as a teacher. Leandra’s workshop on how to theme a yoga class was one of the most useful, easy to understand, and enjoyable courses I have ever taken. She has a natural gift as a teacher to take her students on a spiritual journey to the heart of the practice. Whether she is teaching a yoga class, or the structural mechanics and framework of how to theme a yoga class, she is clear with her instruction, encouraging with her invitation, and truly magical with her delivery. It’s clear that she puts her heart and soul into her work, and simultaneously gives her students permission to do the same. Since Leandra’s workshop, I have noticed an elevation in my courage, my confidence, and my willingness to share with an open heart. Thank you so much Leandra!

Melinda Kirchhoff | Austin, TX

Leandra is hands down one of the most loving, supportive and inspirational influencers I have ever met.  Her new theming course brought fresh air to my soul, and has equipped me with specific tools to authentically connect with my students on a deeper heart level.  Leandra generously shares her tenured knowledge in a very clear, relatable way and has left me with golden nuggets to share generously with others.  I have been teaching yoga for 8 years, and have hundreds of hours of training; this course is exactly what I needed to elevate the energy, “heart chemistry” and overall  experience as I guide others on their mat.  Thank you, Leandra!

Lisa Oplinger | Carlisle, PA

Leandra’s course was the perfect offering of clear concrete tips and tools for creating, outlining, and really developing powerful themed classes. This clear, organized structure was perfectly balanced with masterfully led inquiry empowering us to continuously generate valuable offerings to our students from the depth of our own authentic and unique strengths and gifts. The work we did in this workshop also left me in the space of continued discovery with insights that help me put fear into a new, more empowering perspective. I feel refreshed and excited to practice this new mastery of looking for and delivering the heart of the practice to my students in a clear, powerful, and inspiring way!

Catherine Njeri | Nairobi, Kenya

I took Leandra’s “How To Theme a Yoga Class” course and it completely transformed my teaching and my own practice. I am now really inspired to keep tapping into my own CREATIVITY, being authentic and present. Leandra is such a powerful leader and a loving human being, she reminded me that I have more to share than I am aware of, that there is no need for a genius invention while coming up with a theme for my class, I have something inside of me thats worth sharing, this statement has made my life so easy, I just look and listen. Now I feel comfortable with the themes I chose for my classes and most importantly I feel comfortable to keep the theme relevant, present and landing it into people’s bodies. I HIGHLY recommend this course. I am grateful for the community Leandra has created.

Gaye Wolfson | Lewes, England 

Leandra’s online course ‘How to theme your yoga class’ most certainly left us with a clear roadmap to theming our classes and, it gave us all so much more. It gave us the key to unlock our teaching and bring it to a whole new level of expression led by our own hearts and grounded in the essence of yoga. Leandra’s own heart shone bright through her teaching of this course and that in turn led us all to enter fully into our learning, sharing and experiencing not to mention community. This course left me knowing that my teaching had a whole new level to be with and with the realisation that if I  wanted to grow myself as a teacher there was more to do, more to give and more to be for. I would recommend this course to any teacher of yoga. I feel like a seed that was always within has just been given what it needed to blossom.

Liz Vehyl | Nashville, Tennessee

Leandra’s workshop on theming was a highlight of our 300-hour training program. Theming is something that has often seemed challenging and mystifying, even as an experienced teacher. Leandra is not only masterful at theming in her own teaching, but also in making it accessible to fellow teachers through her workshop. Her approach of providing a simple framework and formula allows for any teacher to easily bring in their own passions and intentions. Immediately following the workshop, I was experiencing tangible shifts in the quality of my team’s teaching, both in their confidence speaking and in delivering on their intention for class.

Leah Friend | Nashville, TN

Leandra’s theming course was such a great experience! She made it light and fun! Prior to her course, I felt like my teaching was lacking in theming and weaving one theme throughout my entire class felt like a forced mess. The tools that she gave us were effective and have been seamlessly integrated into my everyday teaching. I have felt a shift in my teaching as a whole and a comfort level with keeping a consistent theme throughout class. I now find theming a fun way to inspire and connect with my students!

Heidi Huerta | Nashville, TN

Both my teaching and practice have been elevated after taking Leandra’s workshop on theming.

It has given me a solid structure to generate inspiration with my students.

An unexpected gift from her workshop is access to a conscious awareness connecting my physical practice to life off my mat.

I am excited to create and share my theme with my students every time I teach. We are all connected and never alone!

Thank you Leandra!

Vicki Fiddler | Oakville, Ontario

Leandra’s How to Theme a Yoga Class workshop has stoked the fire of my imagination.  I have learned and won’t forget that I have so much to share not only as a yoga teacher but as a force in my community.  The simple, thoughtful and inclusive way that Leandra delivers this workshop is the magic that I needed to re-ignite my creativity and confidence to theme my classes. I experienced a lightness and confidence immediately during the 2 weekend workshop. Thank you Leandra for sharing your gift.

Marilyn Perez | Fishkill, NY

Leandra’s “How To Theme A Yoga Class” was thoughtfully put together with so much substance, I couldn’t be more pleased with what I got out of it! As a teacher, I felt pretty stuck when it came to applying a theme and sticking to it throughout the class. Leandra’s passion, insight, and tools really opened up my approach to using themes while teaching and also embracing my fears (bonus!). She’s engaging, informative, and thought-provoking. I’m so excited to experiment more with theming my classes and connect with students in a new way. Thank you!!

Kelly Branning | Lexington, SC

“How to Theme a Yoga Class” with Leandra gave me specific and effective tools to share myself and my heart in my classes.  I feel as if a veil has been lifted and what was once intimidating has become inspiring!

Divya Krishnan | Seattle, WA 

This course taught me a lot about bringing what excites me into my yoga classes. I have been a student in many of Leandra’s themed classes and my curiosity in the process made me sign up for this workshop. In just 2 sessions, Leandra showed me a seamless way in which I could teach a powerful class around a theme that I understood and that I was passionate about. Too often in classes we teach with  a lot of breath and asana related cues but I found when I wove a theme easily into the practice along with those cues  my students seemed to enjoy the class more. What I loved is leaving my students with a reflection or an action that they could take at the end of class. If we built a theme around “kindness” for example, it could connect to either self-care or kindness towards others. Leandra’s many other examples and ideas on how to start and brainstorm around this process were invaluable to me as a Teacher.  Themes make teaching from the heart much easier. Thank you Leandra.


The first 30 people to register for the course will receive 2 months of unlimited access to my online platform of yoga classes. If you currently have a membership, you can gift the two months to a person of your choice.